The Mission of the Northwest Buffalo Community Center is to achieve a standard of excellence that enhances the quality of life through the delivery of diversified and comprehensive human services. Further, we strive to improve and maintain an efficient grass roots community based organization that is recognized for its innovative and progressive programming.

We strive to:

  • Promote stability within the community.
  • Provide programs, which we can be proud to offer to our families, and community residents.
  • Address the multiple needs of the community through personalized services.
  • Maintain a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Remain financially solvent while maintaining cost effectiveness.
  • Identify, address and monitor the future needs and desires of the community.

Our employees, volunteers and board members embrace this Mission and use it as a guide for their work here at the Northwest Buffalo Community Center. Achieving our Mission will allow us to continue to be a premier provider of human services in Western New York.




At the Northwest Buffalo Community Center we:

  • Love what we do,
  • Are dedicated,
  • Display a caring attitude,
  • Are enthusiastic,
  • Support client needs,
  • Are an advocate for clients, and
  • Have respect for each other and the people we serve.