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Bills Annual Thanksgiving Celebration at Northwest Buffalo Community Center

The Northwest Buffalo Community Center’s Youth Department, along with CWA Local 1122 and the Buffalo Bills Football Organization once again answered the call for the area youth who participate in the afterschool programs sponsored by the center.

They celebrated an early Thanksgiving Dinner on Tuesday, November 16, 2021.

This year, celebrating the annual event, youth were served a hearty Thanksgiving meal. The gym was set up with Covid-19 protocols in place and there was plenty of food for everyone!  Many thanks to all who helped with serving and preparing the gym for the event. The dinner was provided courtesy of the CWA Local 1122.

Many thanks to the Buffalo Bills for their continued support. A special thank you to Jaquan Johnson and Levi Wallace for their encouraging words and visit to the youth.

Mr. Lawrence Pernick, Jr., Executive Director and Ms. Lauren Grunzweig, Board President of the Northwest Buffalo Community Center would like to recognize and express sincere gratitude to the Bills organization, CWA Local 1122, and the staff for their continued commitment in making a difference in the youth that we serve.



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Many Thanks To All Who Helped With the

2021 Trick or Treat Event! 

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