Contact: Lawrence T. Pernick, Jr.

Individuals interested in serving on the Northwest Buffalo Community Center, Inc. Board of Director’s must first become a Corporate Member of the agency by submitting an application for membership.

Membership is open to all residents of Northwest Buffalo and those who work or have an interest in the Northwest Buffalo Community. Members must be 18 years of age or older.

Lauren Grunzweig, Board President of the Northwest Buffalo Community Center, Inc. has announced the close of business on Friday May 5, 2023 as the “DATE OF RECORD” for individuals interested in serving as corporate Members of the Agency. Ms. Grunzweig said,” I encourage all residents, living in the Northwest Buffalo Community to become involved with the Northwest Buffalo Community Center in improving the quality of life in our neighborhood”.

The Northwest Buffalo Community Center, Inc. is one of the largest community based organizations in the City of Buffalo, offering human service programs to area youth and senior citizens.  The agency operates the Main facility, Munchkinland, and 21st Century after school programming in Buffalo Public Schools.  Northwest also services Erie County with its Crime Victim Assistance and Advocacy Program component.

Eligibility for agency corporate membership requires members to be 18 years of age and 80% of the members must live or work in the Northwest Buffalo area.  Those interested in serving are asked to call the agency at 876-8108 for a corporate membership application, or make an appointment to stop in at 155 Lawn Avenue, Room 200 and pick one up.

Bills Annual Thanksgiving Celebration at Northwest Buffalo Community Center

The Northwest Buffalo Community Center’s Youth Department, along with CWA Local 1122, Councilman Joseph Golombek, and Jaquan Johnson of the Buffalo Bills once again answered the call for the area youth who participate in the afterschool programs sponsored by the center.

They celebrated an early Thanksgiving Dinner on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. This year, celebrating the annual event, youth were served a hearty Thanksgiving meal. There was plenty of food for everyone! Many thanks to all who helped with serving and preparing the gym for the event.

The  children performed some of the songs they have recently learned in afterschool, utilizing the keyboard and the ukulele.  A special thanks to Corliss White, coordinator of the new music program.

Many thanks to the Buffalo Bills for their continued support. A special thank you to Jaquan Johnson for the encouraging words and visit to the youth.

Annual Halloween Event at Northwest Buffalo Community Center

Many thanks to all who helped to make this event possible once again!  A special thank you to Councilman Joe Golombek, Margaret Szczepaniec, and Sandy Frieday-Lewis for their hard work in planning for the event.

Margaret spent many hours making and procuring decorations, to fill the halls and the gymnasium with the “spirit” of the season. Sandy coordinated volunteers and the table sponsors.

A wonderful variety of local organizations and businesses volunteered to sponsor a table, and they brought loads of treats for the children. A route was designed so that the children, arriving at their reserved time, could parade around the room to show off their costumes and be rewarded with goodies.